Extreme Ab Workouts Video

This series of ab workouts will help you get that trim, six-pack look and also help you build strength through your core.

You’ll notice that Nick does the exercises in front of a mirror to make sure he is maintaining correct form.

Exercises previewed by Nick in the video:

Hanging Leg Raise

From the high bar, lift your legs high, being careful to use your abs to do the lifting.

Leg Split L (single, double, or more)

Grip the parallel bar handles, so your feet are well above the ground. For each set, raise your legs to 90 degrees, opening and closing them several times.

Decline Bench Fast Leg Push

While laying flat on an incline bench, have your workout partner push down on the tops of your feet as you try to raise them. Repeat many times as shown in the video.

Extreme Leg Raise with Elbow Rest

Similar exercise to Hanging Leg Raise, except you are not hanging ūüôā

Hanging Windshield Wiper

From the high bar, lift your legs high and twist your core from left to right, causing your legs to swiftly move from left to right in a windshield wiper motion.

Standing Side Crunch

Maintain good form as you use your obliques to lower and raise the weight.  Be careful not to use your arm to lift the weight, use your core.  (Nick uses a 45 pound weight in the video.  Use whatever weight is appropriate for you.)

Bench Windshield Wiper

Lying on bench and holding your hands on the sides for support, rotate your legs in a full 180 degree arc from left to right.

Elbow-Knee Side Crunch on Back Extension Bench

While standing on the back extensions bench, lift your right knee to meet your left elbow as shown in the video.  Do the same exercise on the other side, too.

Oblique Swing With Bar

With the bar across your shoulders and your hands wrapped to keep it in place, rotate your hips from left to right using your obliques to power you through.

Baseball Swing On Cable Machine

Grip the pulley with both hands like a baseball bat and swing the weight as you would a bat.  Be careful to keep your feet planted in place as you rotate.

Decline Bench Full Range Sit-Ups

Doing sit-ups on a decline bench give you a fuller range of motion and a more extreme workout for your abs.  The key is to keep your feet in place and use your abs to pull your upper body up until your elbows meet your knees.

Abs Roller

This is harder than it looks!  Take your time when you get started by rolling out your body and pulling it back.  Once you have your form down, you will feel a great workout in your mid-section.

Random Crunch High-Reach

While laying flat in your crunch position, have your partner randomly choose different high positions above your head so that each sit-up you do takes you in a different direction.  This variety will really help develop every area of your abs.


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