As of 2013, Nick Husin is one of only 34 Elite Team Beachbody Coaches in the world.  It’s the second year in a row that Nick received the honor.

His story is like so many others who have wanted to make a change to their body.  Late in 2006, he was watching late night television and became hooked by Tony Horton’s Power 90 promotional video.

He decided to commit to making a change in his body and his life and jumped at the opportunity to purchase the home workout program.

P90X Coach Nick Husin before trying Power 90When he started working out, he only weighed 105 pounds.  But after just 90 days of sticking to the program, he had gained almost 30 pounds of lean muscle mass.  Seeing such a nice change in his body, he was hooked.

When P90X came along later, Nick’s progress really accelerated.  Within a year, he had added 60 pounds of muscle and started coaching others to get similar results.

It wasn’t long before Nick was able to quit his full time job as an engineer and focus all of his energy on helping others get the most out of their P90X fitness program.

These days, Nick is busy coaching beginners to get the most out of P90X.  He’s also the leader of a team of established Beachbody Coaches that he trains, so that they can build their own business, just the same way he has.

If you’re interested in being coached by Nick, you can start by buying P90X here.   Or, If you’d like to join his team and earn a part-time or full-time income helping others get fit, visit his page here on becoming a Beachbody Coach,


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